Climbing World Championships are going into their second week!

With the win of two gold medals on the first weekend the Austrian Climbing Federation had a fantastic start into the World Championships in Innsbruck. In the Women's Lead finals Jessica Pilz won gold and in the Men's Lead finals Jakob Schubert took the win. Today is the only rest day of the World Championships. Tomorrow, Tuesday September 11, the competitions in the disciplines Bouldering and Paraclimbing will start. There are 287 starters for the Bouldering competition and 139 starters in Paraclimbing. The number of the Paraclimbing athletes has doubled since the last Paraclimbing World Championships. For Austria, there are 16 Boulderers and 10 Paraclimbers starting into the competition. On Thursday the Speed competition is starting with 244 registered climbers.

Innsbruck (AUT): After the two medals in Lead have been handed out and the joy about the two gold medals couldn’t be bigger amongst the Austrian athletes, the competitions in the other disciplines are due. On Tuesday and Wednesday the qualifications for Bouldering and Paraclimbing will be held in the Kletterzentrum Innsbruck. On Thursday the first final rounds of Paraclimbing and all the decisions of Speed will take place in the Olympiaworld. Friday and Saturday will be dedicated to the Bouldering finals, before the heavily anticipated Combined Finals in the Olympic Format will be held on Sunday.

The defending Boulder champion Petra Klingler has strong competitors
All of the women who had a place on the podium this year, will be starting at the World Championships. Janja Garnbret (SLO), Overall World Cup Winner Miho Nonaka (JPN), Akiyo Noguchi (JPN) and Fanny Gibert (FRA) are the big favourites. Title defender Petra Klingler (SUI) stated, that her win in Paris in 2016 changed her life completely: “The World Championship title in 2016 definitely changed my life and triggered a lot of change in Switzerland. By now, I can lead the life of a professional athlete because of the World Champion title, and I am very grateful for that.” At this year’s World Championships, she is waiting in suspense for the Combined Olympic Format: “My focus is still on Bouldering, but I also train Lead and Speed. I still need a lot of practice in Speed. We will see where the other athletes are standing with the Combined Olympic Format and on which points I still need to work, to be ready for next year!”

World Champion Tomoa Narasaki (JPN) enjoys the pressure
There were 7 different winners at the 7 Boulder World Cups this year, which is why the number of candidates competing for the medals is bigger than ever. Overall World Cup Winner Jernej Kruder (SLO) and Title Defender Tomoa Narasaki (JPN) were the Boulderers with the most constant performance. Narasaki talked about the pressure that he has to deal with: “I would say, that I am under a certain amount of pressure. But I am proud to feel the expectations, because not everyone has the honour of experiencing this. I want to enjoy this pressure. A big stage excites me even more.”

Austrian Paraclimbers are celebrating their first World Championship
After the Paraclimbing Project startet 2 years ago in Austria, the temporary highlight will be during the next three days, when the Austrian team will start at a World Championship for the first time. 10 Austrian Paraclimbers will start into the World Championships in Innsbruck. Tomorrow, Tuesday 11. September at 5 pm, the first qualification rounds will take place at the outside wall of the Kletterzentrum Innsbruck. For the men the qualifications in the RP1, RP2 and RP3 are on the schedule. RP stands for neurological disorder. The lower the number, the more severe the disorder. On Wednesday at 6 pm the qualification rounds for B1, B2 (visual impairment) and AL2 and AU2 are due.

Paraclimbing Finals on Thursday and Friday
On Thursday, September 13, the finals in the categories F-B2, F-AU2 and several RP categories will take place between 12.30 and 4 pm. On the same day at 6 pm the competitions in the categories F-RP3, F-AL2, M-B2 and M-B1 will take place too. Starting at 5:45 pm the athletes of the categories M-AU2 and M-AL2 will compete against each other.

Speed Decision on Thursday
On Thursday, 13. September, at 9 pm the qualifications of the women will be held. The qualifications of the men will follow at 1 pm. At 8 pm the showdown will take place in the Olympiaworld, when the 16 best Speed athletes will fight for gold.


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