The official organizer of the IFSC Climbing World Championships Innsbruck Tirol 2018 is the Innsbruck Tirol 2018 Kletter-WM Veranstaltungs GmbH. The event is hosted by the Kletterverband Österreich in cooperation with the Austrian Alpine Club (Alpenverein Österreich).

Sport climbing is a young sport with enormous success. More and more climbing gyms facilitate the access to this simple, and at the same time complex way of moving. The many competitions all over are testament to its rising relevance as a competition sport. Establishing competition climbing requires structures, rules, safety standards, and international coordination.

On a national level, the Austrian Climbing Federation (Kletterverband Österreich, KVÖ), has since its addition to the Österreichische Bundessportorganisation (BSO) become one of the most successful summer sports federations in Austria. With 180 clubs, and 60,000 members of all ages, the KVÖ is also one of the largest federations in Austria. As defined in its statutes, the activity of the KVÖ doesn't target profit, but goals of public utility. The main goal of the KVÖ is the promotion of active climbing for general well-being, for physical education, and as an important aspect of health.

The Alpenverein ist the biggest alpine club in Austria. It's most important calling is the support of mountain activities (hiking, mountaineering, sport climbing, ski touring and trend sports in the mountains) and the education of specialists in each domain. The Alpenverein provides the necessary infrastructure, such as huts, trails and climbing gyms. It also provides a wealth of information through its publications such as maps, magazines and websites. 


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