Reza Alipour and Aleksandra Rudzinska are Speed-World Champions

Today, Thursday 13. September, the Speed-World Champions have been awarded in the Olympiaworld. In a thrilling competition Reza Alipour (IRI) and Aleksandra Rudzinska (POL) were able to prevail against the others. Anna Brozek (POL) and Marija Krasavina (RUS) completed the ladies’ podium. Amongst the men silver and bronze went to Bassa Mawem (FRA) and Stanislav Kokorin (RUS).

More than 3500 spectators came to the Olympiaworld to watch the Speed-Climbing Showdown. The 16 fastest male and female athletes of the qualifications fought in 4 challenging rounds over the heavily desired World Champion-Title.


Reza Alipour is the male winner

Title-Defender Marcin Dzienski from Poland had to leave the competition in the 1/8 finals. Vice World Champion and Record-Holder Reza Aipour (IRI), who did not have his best season until the finals, was in top condition just in time for the highlight of the season. In the Quarter-Finals the five times World Champion QuXin Zhong (CHN) and Bassa Mawem (FRA) were able to demonstrate with times of 5.70 seconds and less, that they should not be overlooked in the fight for the medals. In the Semi-Finals Alipour and Mawem triumphed. By then it was clear, that there would be a new World Champion. Reza Alipour, who had only won one Worldcup this year until that point, was able to secure gold in an extremely close duel. Bassa Mawem had a close lead until the very end. He slipped at the last foot hold and missed the Final-Pad. In the small finals Stanislav Kokorin collected bronze. “I injured myself a couple of weeks ago, which is the reason why I wasn’t able to show my best runs. Therefore, I am even more happy, that I still managed to get a title. The mood and the competition were simply perfect”, stated the Iranian afterwards.


Aleksandra Rudzinska collects the women’s title

The female World Record Holder Anouck Jaubert (FRA) and Julija Kaplina (RUS) both failed in the 1/8 finals. Jaubert had a false start and Kaplina lost to Anna Brozek (POL). With the elimination in the quarter-finals of Anna Tsyganova another favourite had to leave the competition because of a false start. In the semi-finals there were 3 Polish climbers: Aleksandra Kalucka, Aleksandra Rudzinska and Anna Brozek. Maria Krasavina (RUS) was the only Russian left in the competition at that point. The only 17-year-old Aleksandra Kalucka made a mistake in the semi-finals and had to clear the field for Rudzinska. Maria Krasavina had a false start. Because of this, all Polish-Finals were on the agenda, which were won by Aleksandra Rudzinska with a time of 7:56. Anna Brozek collected silver, it is her first time on a podium in an international competition. Bronze went to Maria Krasavina. “The organisation here is just great. I am very happy about the title and also because I am the first Polish Speed World Champion!” Rudzinska exclaims happily.

Press-Conference with the Speed Medal-Winners tomorrow, Friday 14. September, in the Olympiaworld

Tomorrow at 11 am there will be a Press-Conference with the best athletes from the Speed competition in the Press Center of the Olympiaworld. The Paraclimbing winners of today’s competitions will be attending the Press-Conference too. After the Press-Conference the athletes will be available for individual interviews.


Women’s Boulder semi-finals and finals and Paraclimbing finals tomorrow (14. September) in the Olympiaworld

Tomorrow (14. September) 20 athletes will fight over the entry into the Boulder finals. The fight over the medals will happen tomorrow (14 September) at 7 pm in the Olympiaworld. The second part of the Paraclimbing finals will take place tomorrow as well. At 5:45 pm the male competitors of the Paraclimbing categories AU2 and AL2 (Arm and Leg Amputees) will fight over the medals.


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