Tickets: Climbing World Championships 2018

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If you want a guaranteed spot at the climbing highlight of the year at the Olympiaworld, get one quickly! The full stands at previous climbing events in Innsbruck are fresh on everyone's mind. Tickets can be bought online at (Link below!), in all Raiffeisen Banks, in the Innsbruck Tourist Information (Burggraben) and in Kletterzentrum Innsbruck!

Julia Pinggera (Austria Climbing):
+43 (0) 677 63281074

Ö-Ticket Store Innsbruck:
+43 (0) 512 341034

The WCH-Pass
With the WCH-Pass you can watch all Semifinals and Finals of the Climbing World Championships. You will receive the same seat for all rounds and can watch the world best climbers from one of the best places in the venue every day.

Tickets for finals
On April 10, pre-sale of all tickets for final rounds started. These tickets offer access on the respective final rounds to the Olympiaworld. In Lead, Paraclimbing, Combined and Bouldering there are three ticket categories: Category A (18,50€), Category B (14,50€) and Category C (10€). In Speed, all tickets are 10€. There are six finals evenings:

  1. Lead Women
  2. Lead Men
  3. Paraclimbing & Speed Women & Men
  4. Boulder Women
  5. Boulder Men
  6. Combined Women & Men

Semi-Finals and qualifications
The qualifications in Lead, Bouldering and Paraclimbing are taking place on the outdoor walls in Kletterzentrum Innsbruck. The spectators area will have seating and standing spots. Entrance and seating are free for all qualifications. 
The semi-finals in all disciplines and the Speed Qualifications take place in the Olympiaworld, where all spots are seated. WCH-Pass owners have free entrance and their reserved spot in the best category. For everyone else, there are no reserved seats, but the entrance is free as well.


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