Fields of application

Event Operations


Getting back from and to the shuttle stop, official accommodation and the event venues is an important factor for athletes, officials and VIPs.
As a driver you are responsible for transporting people. You have had your B-drivers license for at least two years, are at least 21 years old, and you bring along enough driving experience (and no accidents).


If you like to organise things, have a B-driver's license and are physically fit, then the position of logistics assistant could be ideal for you. Your job in this area includes buying and distributing wares at the venue. 

Venue managment

Venue management includes the construction crew, where your craftsmanship and your endurance for (de-)mounting the tribune, the barriers, the tents, etc. in the competition- and the spectators parts of the venues is required.
Are you a polite and self-confident person? Have you always wanted to assist the security guard? The position at the security firm will be perfect for you.

IT & Technology

If you are competent in electronics and/or writing code, and you also bring along good client focus, then you should apply to the IT & TEC Support. In this field of application you are responsible for the installation of computer and media-tech software as well as WLAN Systems. Moreover you are the contact person in case of IT and TEC requests. 

Food & Beverage

What you need for this position is the motivation to prepare snacks, a sense for hygiene and cleanness, as well as good customer focus. You are responsible for the preparation of snacks for the crew and in the isolation zone. 

Client Services

Language Services

You are a language wizard, have good translation skills and want to use them? You will translate the press releases into English and find your words on online (climbing) websites who reproduce the press releases. 

VIP Services

As a volunteer in the VIP team you are welcoming and taking care of the VIPs. You are the contact person for all their questions and requests and make sure that their stay is enjoyable. Being friendly and tidy, as well as having very good English skills are a must for this position.

Event Services

In the field of Event Services, you keep an eye on the entire venue and direct spectators, athletes, VIPs and media with important information. You are the first contact for spectators and anyone else who has a question. You also take part in ticket (pre-) sales. Your welcoming attitude at the reception on the Info Points , the box office, or the Lost & Found Service, your knowledge of the location, and your very good English skills provide the guests with an unforgettable experience at the event.


Your forte is selling things? You are excellent at communicating? Ideally in several languages? You know how to focus on a customer's needs? You should become a merchandising assistant at the WCH-Shop, and professionally advise customers. 


As an assistant at the Opening Ceremony and the Medal/Flower Ceremonies, you need organisational talent and English skills. If you speak several languages, that's even better, because you will also be needed to brief the athletes and the officials. To make sure that everything goes well during the opening ceremony and the medal ceremonies, you accompany the athletes and officials when they enter or leave the stage.

Media and Communication

Media & Communication

You have excellent skills in MS Office, and experience in graphics programs, video software, TYPO3, HTML, or CSS? Then the positions in the field of media and communications are ideal for you. You support the team in the preparation and publication of all kinds of content about the Youth World Championships.



You are a climber yourself, or have excellent knowledge about climbing? You are perfect for the positions related to the starting preparations for the speed competitions, or as a belayer or a hold brusher. Someone who doesn't know much about climbing can volunteer in the chill-out area, the warm-up- or transit-zone, or the After Climbing zone, as a contact person or assistant of the athletes.
You could also be a part of the result service team, or be the assistant of the jury or the moderator/DJs.

General Management

Administration and General Project Management


In diesem Bereich zählst du zu den ersten Personen, mit denen alle Beteiligten der WM (außer Zuschauer) vor Ort in Kontakt treten. Du unterstützt in der Vorbereitung und Ausgabe der Akkreditierungen und der dazugehörigen Unterlagen an Athleten, Offizielle, Medienvertreter und Volunteers. Genaues Arbeiten und sehr gute organisatorische Fähigkeiten sind dabei wichtige Schlüsselqualifikationen.


Du bist ein Organisationstalent mit sehr guten Kommunikationsfähigkeiten, nach Möglichkeit in mehreren Sprachen? Dann sei doch als Press Center Manager die erste Anlaufstelle für alle Pressevertreter. Durch deinen freundlichen Empfang und deine kompetente Auskunftserteilung am Press Desk sorgst du für einen angenehmen Aufenthalt der Journalisten.


Are you motivated and talented in all things organisation, ideally you also speak English?  You can be the first contact of all press representatives. You kind welcome and competent sharing of information at the press desk provides the journalists and press representatives with an excellent stay. You will be right there when the press professionals do their work.


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